Moms Checklist For Back To School

Dated: 08/07/2018

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What You Need To Prepare For Your First House By TS

What you need to prepare for your first houseDecember 27 2018Buying a home is a big undertaking. From finding the right property and negotiating to sorting out the legal details and moving in, there

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Jan 12 2019 49143 1

With the tools  I learned from Jim and the Buffini classes, I am starting the New Year with door knocking, mailers and I am determined to be That Peak Producer for 2019.;

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Jan 12 2019 49143 1 Peak Producer

just finished Buffini class and now we are being treated to a wonderful dinner on Wed at Carrabbas with the gang. So happy I have a found a wonderful company to work for!  Thank you Joanne and

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How To Revive A Dying Houseplant You Thought Was Beyond Saving

Don't beat yourself up too much about neglecting a houseplant. Maybe you went on vacation or never found an opportune time to water it. Maybe you're working too hard.Whatever the reason, most

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