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Six Basic Steps Toward Easy Meal Prep at Home

One of the most powerful pieces of advice that I have for people in terms of saving money is to get into the habit of preparing your own meals at home – and not those prepackaged meals, either. Restaurants are expensive. Takeout is expensive. Delivered food? Expensive. Prepackaged meals? Expensive. All of that stuff drains your wallet far faster than you might realize. 

So, what’s the argument against cooking at home? Many meals require some degree of skill to make and although that skill level is often pretty low, it’s still present. There’s also the time issue and the energy issue and the equipment issue – each solvable, of course, but they again provide resistance against preparing food at home. Add up all of that resistance and many Americans find themselves calling Pizza Hut.

I’ve written about this challenge in the past. In particular, I offered up six simple steps for cooking at home if you’ve never really done it before:

Step #1 – Make Something Super Simple
Step #2 – Keep Dishes at a Minimum
Step #3 – Focus on Mastering Basic Food Preparation Skills
Step #4 – Acquire a Tiny Number of Tools You Trust
Step #5 – Start Branching Out With Variations of Trusted Meals
Step #6 – Treat Cookbooks and Food Magazines as Idea Machines, Not As Gospel

I’d also suggest checking out my minimalist kitchen gear, which covers the basics of what items you need to cook at home.

by Trent HammUpdated on 07.26.18

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